Track nutritionactivity w friends



Count Cals. Or Don't.

Use BDYCLB to manage and measure what you eat. Not for you? It's easy to turn off.

Discover Content.

Meal plans, packs, mindfulness, and more from the athletes, experts, and creators you love.

This is a picture of someone very relaxed on a dock. The video seems to be capturing them just a moment after the sun went down.

No Ads.

BDYCLB puts privacy controls in your hands, doesn’t run ads, and doesn't sell your data.

Image of BDYCLB app social video.

Short-Form Content.

Make social content that's useful by adding detailed nutrition and macro info to each post.

Picture of a smartphone. This smartphone is open to the BDYCLB app and we see this person has seem friends also in the CLB.

Members Not Users.

Track with friends to share knowledge, offer encouragement, and inspire your community.

Picture of someones hand holding a smartphone. In said hand they have an app open on a video. Some huge colorful party...the video's focused on someone who is not on their phone. Nice one.

Have Fun.

Think of BDYCLB as a tool to help you get where you're going - not for using year round. Dip in. Dip out. Life's good!


The social, affordable way to integrate wellness into all you do.